I love a marquee wedding and my own wedding reception was in a marquee. Marquees are the ultimate blank canvas wedding venue, allowing you the freedom to decorate and style to your own preferences, choose your own suppliers and really put a personal stamp on the day. If you are considering a marquee wedding or have planned your marquee wedding I have few key points that are sometimes over looked. These are key things I always consider when planning my clients marquee wedding.

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I don’t know if we have met yet, I am Sarah the planner behind Elizabeth Grace Weddings. I have been part of the world of weddings for over 15 years. Having planned and been part of hundreds of weddings each one individual and unique. I am passionate about what I do and creating your perfect day.

Marquee Power Requirements

You need to make sure that you have enough power for your day. We all know how annoying it is when we have a power cut at home, a few pointers to consider when planning your marquee wedding and generator requirements. It would be unusual for your venue to have enough outdoor power for your wedding but it can happen. Most marquee weddings will have a generator for power.

When talking to your marquee company about the number of sockets you will need and the size, talk to all of your suppliers first. The caterers will require power for Fridges, possibly freezers, hot cupboards, hot lights, Hot Water Urns, Coffee machines, smaller kitchen utensils, good lighting. Plus other items specific to your menu. Entertainment, are you having a band or DJ ask them how many sockets they need and how much power they will require. The bar, will require fridges, lighting, possibly till systems. Something that is often overlooked is toilets these will plug in, the hire company will be able to tell you how much power they will draw. You will need a bigger generator than you think and possibly may need two.

Exterior Lighting

Marquee Wedding Planning - Lit walkway leading to a gateway and marquee entrance

You may be wondering why I have said exterior lighting is important with a marquee, although it may not get dark until 10. We don’t want to lose guests or small people in the dark. Having clear walkways makes it easier for guests

You may have thought about having candles and storm lanterns but not actual lights. Candles are brilliant and look beautiful lining walkways but they can go out.

Festoon lighting and fairy lights create a beautiful feel outside, use these with a mix of candles to show the way to the toilets, car park or taxi point.

Don’t just think about lighting the walkways also consider the access to the toilets. Also if you have evening guests arriving make sure they can find the car park but also the way to the party.


This may start from the road, particularly if your venue is a field or private house without a main road sign. Once guests have arrived, make sure there are signs for car parking. I don’t leave guests wondering where the drinks reception is happening, you may get your ushers to guide guests to the reception.

Don’t forget the loos, usually hidden from sight it is important to know where the loos are.

These signs can correspond with your stationary or written in calligraphy on blackboards. I’m thinking pretty but practical.


This is a conversation I have with all of my couples who are having marquee weddings. Now this is England and we do have to consider the English Weather when planning a marquee wedding. If you are planning a winter marquee wedding definitely heating will be required, (by the way I love a winter marquee wedding). Up until the Mid to End of May and from Mid September I recommend having a heater available, usually you will be charged the hire but not for the fuel unless it has been used. I got married on the 19th September and as I said I had a marquee reception, we had a heater available although we didn’t use it in the end.

Marquees tend to be in open areas or by the coast and although it may have been hot during the day particularly in late spring, early summer and the start of autumn the evenings can get quiet chilly. Having heating as an available is perfect for those times, when the evening temperature has dropped.

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