You may think this is an odd topic for a blog, ‘Looking After You on Your Wedding Day.’ You are probably thinking, everyone will be looking after me on my day. Yes you are right everyone will be looking after you but this blog is about making sure you take care of yourself during the day and having time to take it all in and enjoy the day. Read on to find out somethings you may not have thought about on your Wedding Day

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I don’t know if we have met yet, I am Sarah the planner behind Elizabeth Grace Weddings. I have been part of the world of weddings for over 15 years. Having planned and been part of hundreds of weddings each one individual and unique. I am passionate about what I do and creating your perfect day.

Keeping Hydrated

We are told that we need to drink plenty of water each day around 2 litres a day. On your wedding it is important to keep hydrated, and drink plenty of water. Everyone will be offering you a glass of something from when you start getting ready right through the day and evening. One of the other concerns brides particularly have is having to go to the loo in your dress, don’t worry we already know you will need helpers with the dress.

Don’t Forget to Eat

You will have an early start on your wedding day and although you will be nervous and don’t feel like anything to eat. A slice of toast is better than nothing. Remember your wedding day is going to be long. Make sure your venue or caterer has canapes for you both. I ask for my couples to have there’s on a plate where they can grab 5 minutes together, have something to eat and drink. Have some snacks with you. I will come onto this shortly.

Take 5 Minutes

One of the things I makes sure my couples get is a few minutes alone during the day. Your wedding day will be busy with lots of people around. You want to make sure that you have time to stop and take everything in but also time for just the both of you. Don’t worry if you think you need to be present all day, you won’t be gone long and will be back before your missed.

Keep Cool In the Heat

Every couple wants fab weather on their wedding day. But not too hot. If you venue doesn’t have air conditioning, ask them about keeping the room cool. If you have a marquee ask if the sides can come off. Have some hand held fans, keep in the shade when you are outside, Grooms think about your suits. Tweed Suits look great but I wouldn’t recommend them for a July Wedding.

Pack a Bag

You are probably thinking I have gone mad, I promise I haven’t. I recommend that my couples have a bag that they have snacks and bottles of water in, make up, perfume, aftershave, change of shoes, pashmina or light cover for the evening to keep warm in the evening. If your venue and ceremony are in different locations take it with you in the car. Don’t pack anything valuable, think of it as a day out bag.

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