Its not secret that I love a marquee wedding. My first wedding of 2021 was an intimate marquee wedding. Now we usually associate a marquee wedding as a large wedding with lots of guests. Not at all I have helped plan smaller intimate weddings and parties in marquees and they have been amazing. In this blog I will talk about planning an intimate wedding and why a marquee is perfect for intimate weddings.

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Have we met yet? Let me introduce myself I am Sarah the planner behind Elizabeth Grace Weddings. Having been part of the world of weddings for over 15 years and have had the privilege to have helped plan and be part of many weddings each individual and unique. I am passionate about what I do and creating your perfect day.

Marquees for Intimate Weddings

Marquees are the perfect structure for a small gathering. Unlike a venue, they can be designed to suit the number of guests. Indoor Wedding Venues like hotels and stately homes often are designed accommodate larger numbers of guests generally 80 plus for a wedding breakfast, however if you are planning a smaller guest list you may feel that you have to fill this space or that it is too large for you. Marquees are built for your wedding making it bespoke to you.

Keeping Everyone Together

Eating on big dining tables, really gives the feel of large family meals. If you would like to eat on one table with your guests this can be accommodated in a marquee. With a marquee everyone is together, rather than inside a venue which may have lounge areas and separate bars, all of your guests are together. We can design your marquee to include a bar and lounge area still keeping everyone together, so you do not ‘lose’ guests or it feels you are too spread out.

Make it Personal

Marquees are the Perfect Blank Canvas Venue to style as you wish. Intimate weddings mean couples have the opportunity to include lots or personal touches to the day. With a marquee you will have limited restrictions and can bring your vision to life. If you would like to have suspended flowers from the ceiling this is possible in a marquee, not so easy in venue.

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